Calcium Chloride has many uses in construction and other industries. It is versatile in that it can melt snow and freeze ice. It can be inserted in farm tractor tires to weight them down. Calcium Chloride attracts moisture out of the air to help keep the dust down on roadways. It is also used in oil fields, and is very desirable for a lot of other uses. At Hill Brothers Chemical we strive to expand your horizons and make this planet a more desirable place to live, breathe and have fun in. Give us a chance to satisfy your needs, and we will go that extra mile for you.
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Uses of Calcium Chloride

Oil and Gas Drilling

Calcium Chloride Prills are used in gas and oil drilling. It helps keep gases from forming and helps sludge from getting out of hand

Snow and Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride heats up when it comes in contact with ice and snow. Large amounts of ice are melted quickly lessening road hazards.

Dust Control/Soil Stabilization

Calcium Chloride, when added to the roadway or subgrade, stabilizes the soil by attracting moisture out of the air to keep the surface and sublayers moist

Refrigeration Brine

A Calcium Chloride solution, known as Brinewater, is pumped through an intricate system of pipes underneath the ice. This cools the ice.

Tire Weighing

Increased weight from Calcium Chloride means that drive wheels have a firmer tread grip for maximum traction and increased tractor drawbar pull.

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